About - Kristyn Rose Photography

Born and raised here in Midland, I have grown and learned so much. I have traveled to many places and will always enjoy being on the road, but Midland will always be home to me. I married Randy and we have 2 beautiful children that have my whole heart (As you will see many photos of them).  We enjoy traveling, hanging out at home, and a tiny bit obsessed with Crossfit. I am a stay at home mom, but enjoy having my photography on the side and do as much as I possibly can. It brings me joy to be able to capture moments in time for everyone.

I started taking photos back when I was a little girl. The idea of holding a memory forever is such an important thing for me. I always had a disposable camera in hand and took photos of everything. In 2011 I finally purchased my first DSLR and became hooked. Taking photos of everyone who would let me. It's truly my passion. I love that I can help someone else hold on to memories that otherwise might fade away. 

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